About - The Art of Justin Weinmann


I create something everyday. 365 little legacies linger off into the future each year to brighten the days of strangers long after I'm gone... hopefully.

I am an admirer of the mundane. It plays a pivotal role in my art because I feel we are missing the majesty of the world around us. I'm a big believer in stopping to smell the roses, checking out the scenery, and pausing so that life doesn't pass you by. 

I try not to sweat the small stuff and I constantly seek to surround myself by things that inspire me. I teach high school and I'm inspired by my students. Their minds are so open and they see the world through a lens that I envy.

I come home daily after soaking up all the energy and creativity that I can. I then try to put that energy back out into the world through art, hoping that others can escape their realities, for however brief a moment I can offer.

Art is also my therapy. It is my sanctuary. It's the way I live in order to deal with reality. I need art -- but so do others. And when life has been altogether too kind to you, I feel it is your duty to leave this world a little better than you found it. With that I feel a bit of a duty to create a little beauty in a world where we focus far too often on the ugly side of things.

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