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Day Two: Favorite Animal

On day two I had to think about my favorite animal for a bit. Then I realized I actually have one — My dog Louis — and I didn’t have to pick my favorite wild animal.

This time I gave a shot working with Adobe Draw. I can truly say that working with Draw is truly awesome and fun. If you are just looking to get some quick work done it is great. It doesn’t have nearly as many options as its companion Adobe Illustrator, but you can get some great work done out of it.

I dislike Adobe Draw for two minor reasons: I constantly make little perfect circles where I accidentally touch the pen to the screen. If I don’t catch it and undo it immediately I then notice several later and have to clean up with the eraser tool. Not a big deal, but I have noticed that this isn’t always my fault. Sometimes my very light short strokes don’t register and show up as a dot. I do not like that. Also,  I wish I could scale images up a lot larger without having to transfer them to another application, but I suppose that’s what  a companion app is for.

Other than that I truly love playing around in Adobe Draw.

Day One: Self Portrait

Day one of the 30 Day iPad Drawing Challenge calls for a self portrait.

I’ve been interested in the iPad app Procreate every since I got the Apple Pencil. Setting the brush to the pencil settings in the app truly feels like I’m using an actual pencil. The only issue I have is that tilting the pencil sideways allows for shading as if a real pencil, but has whatever grain you set for it as opposed to the paper having its own grain. This is not a big issue but I found myself changing the grain because I didn’t like the default one — finding one I liked was difficult. I will inevitably create my own.

Using procreate to sketch like this is terrific, but it is capable of sooooo much more. I plan to use this app a few more times (hopefully in different ways) over the course of this 30 day challenge.

30 Day iPad Drawing Challenge

I’m trying to streamline my workflow for History Illustrated by doing as much as possible on one device. So, over the next 30 days I’m going to implement several apps with different drawing/painting styles covering various subjects. I’m looking forward to having fun with this.

I’ve decided to post them publicly as an accountability measure.

After I finish this project I plan on writing a post recommending which apps are best for illustration on the iPad Pro 12.9 with an Apple Pencil. I will also attach a gallery so all images are on one page.



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